About me

Boštjan Jevnik

I am a mechanical engineer by education and I have worked in development and engineering ever since I entered the industry. I gained practical experience while working as a product developer in the automotive industry; first in Hipot-P&ems d.o.o., then as a technologist in the field of thermoplastic injection mould engineering and manufacture at Technoplast d.o.o., and finally as an engineer and product manager at LPKF d.o.o. In my work, I have familiarised myself with a variety of CAD software; I currently use ProE and DraftSight.

A desire to acquaint myself with various technologies and approaches and to understand them, as well as a drive to innovate led me to establish my own engineering office. Ever since starting the company in 2006, I’ve been coming in contact with new technology practically every week; this allows me to continuously advance my knowledge and accumulate experience. Primarily I develop industrial equipment, machines, and various devices. On request I also design various thermoplastic processing moulds and sheet forming tools.

In addition to that, I often carry out one of my many ideas. Most recently, I developed a high-quality, robust pen. I draw regularly in my work – every product starts with a sketch. I have destroyed many pens while sketching out my ideas; weary of having to obtain new pens again and again, hoping that they will stand up to the pressure, I have developed and began producing my own, fully metallic pen, constructed of titanium.

I observe best practices to the best of my ability and maintain social responsibility in every segment of my business. The company has thus built a strong relationship with both the suppliers and the clients.